Public Sector Training

DPS can design and deliver online or face-to-face bespoke training programmes to achieve your Departments requirements.

DPS has designed and delivered a very successful face-to-face course for Data Protection Officers and their teams within the Public Sector. It is a very comprehensive course and it aims to provide practical solutions to implementing the GDPR and ensures that all attendees gain a solid understanding of the highly complex European Regulation, along with a high-level understanding of other relevant local and European legislations.

It is specifically designed to ensure that on completion attendees are confident that they fully understand their obligations, and are equipped with the knowledge to implement a compliant GDPR roadmap for their Department.

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General Data Protection Awareness Training

If your staff members process or handle personal information in their day-to-day roles, training is essential and a requirement under Article 39 of the GDPR.

DPS delivers both online and face-to-face awareness training. We work with our clients to design an awareness programme that best suits their needs and satisfies the GDPR training requirement. The general topics are listed below, however, these can be expanded upon. The delivery time is dictated by the number of topics to be covered, but generally it will range from 2 to 3 hours.

The topics are as follows:

  • Introduction/Background to GDPR
  • Key definitions
  • GDPR 7 principles
  • Obligations on Data Controllers and Data Processors
  • Data subject rights
  • Data Security and Data breaches
  • Powers of the Data Protection Commission
  • Data subject compensation

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One-to-One Training

DPS will work with clients who require bespoke one-to-one training. The training can be delivered either online or face-to-face.

In the past DPS as worked with Data Protection Officers, Data Protection Managers and Board members to develop their knowledge in a one-to-one setting. One practical advantage to this is its flexibility, the training can be held at a time and place that suits the client. This type of training allows for more targeted training where the course can be designed to suit the clients’ needs and preferences which enables the client to achieve their desired outcome.

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Bespoke Training

When it comes to training, sometimes the one-size-fits-all option doesn’t work. Having a training course that has been developed specifically to fit the requirements and structure of your business can have many benefits:

  • The Right Fit for You – as the course will be built for your team and business only, customised to your specific needs using up-to-date examples and case studies tailored to your organisation
  • Time Efficient – because courses are specific to the topics you need within the time frame you request 
  • Flexible – as you choose when and where the course will be delivered, at your premises or online
  • Consistent Learning Experience – as the training enables every delegate to have the same consistent learning experience and achieve the same level of knowledge

DPS can design and deliver bespoke training to meet your organisations requirements. We work closely to gain an understanding of our client’s expectations and ensure that the course syllabus achieves them.

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Board Member Training

Board members need to ensure their organisation is not penalised for non-compliance with the GDPR, therefore these members need to understand the privacy risks to their business and how their organisation is responding to them. Training for all members of an organisation is mandatory under the GDPR and our course will satisfy this requirement.

The course enables the Board member to:

  • Become familiar with the provisions of the GDPR
  • Understand what an organisation needs to do in order to be GDPR compliant
  • Understand the potential penalties for non-compliance
  • Determine whether their company needs to appoint a data protection officer.
  • Understand what the board can do to strengthen its oversight of GDPR compliance.
  • Engage in dialogue with management about data protection.
  • Understand the effect of non-compliance on mergers and acquisitions
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Ongoing training requirements – Refresher courses

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an ongoing process. Precedents being set by Irish and European courts and updated guidance from the European Data Protection Board can have a significant impact on your organisation’s privacy programme. To ensure that all members of staff are aware of current guidance, and in line with best practice training should be provided on an annual basis to ensure continuous compliance

DPS can provide refresher courses which can be designed and delivered online or face-to-face, to cater for your organisation’s requirements.

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