Public Sector Training

Data Protection Officer / Department of Education and Skills

I found the Government DPO course extremely useful; Ruth was extremely knowledgeable and very clear in her points with a good level of interaction.  The content and discussion suited the audience very well. Four of the team also attended Ruth’s training in recent times and the feedback is very positive from all; I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Adam Egan / Data Protection Officer, National Shared Services Office

Ruth was very easy to work with and knowledgeable enough to tease out issues that had stumped previous advisors. She brought some perspectives we hadn’t considered before and was engaging throughout

Dr Ruth-Blandina Quinn / Information Governance Manager, Mental Health Commission

Facing into five days intensive training in Data Protection seemed daunting. It was anything but. The course is specifically designed to meet the practical needs of DPOs and DP teams. It was delivered at a pace which facilitates both learning and discussion, it was informative and engaging throughout. I highly recommend Ruth Hallinan’s DPO training course to others in the Public and Civil sectors.

Roslyn Dalton / Legal & Corporate Services, Law Reform Commission

Ruth’s wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable to any organisation aiming for GDPR and data protection compliance.  She instills not only the theory but more importantly outlines practical, applicable steps to implement at every level of the organisation.  Whether it be staff training or the provision of a course I can highly recommend Ruth after having first-hand experience of her expertise.

Tony Keane / Data Protection Officer, State Examinations Commission

An insightful GDPR course delivered by a very knowledgeable trainer- Ruth Hallinan. The method and pace of delivery were such that an adequate amount of time was given to cover aspects of Data Protection relative to my position as DPO. Clarity was provided on many issues and the discussion-based element of the course enabled more complex issues to be teased out. I would recommend this particular course and trainer as a strong baseline for understanding many of the topical items surrounding Data Protection.

Awareness Training

Eoghan O'Murchadha / Principal -Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute

Training was provided to all staff in our college in a friendly, relaxed yet informative manner such that all staff felt more informed about their responsibilities regarding the new regulations. It is a difficult task to keep a group of 50 individuals on point throughout a training session. This is even more difficult when the material covered is in parts demanding and composed from legal language. Ruth had no problem deciphering this at every stage and then explaining it in an easy to follow style, at all times willing to accept questions which were pertinent to the topic at hand. I would have no problem in recommending Ruth and DPS to any company wishing to better their understanding of GDPR in the context of their employment.

Compliance Services

Peter Fitzpatrick / The Iveagh Trust

The training and practical advice provided by [Ruth/Data Privacy Solutions] helped us to cut through the complexities of GDPR and gain a clear understanding of how to achieve data protection by design and default…

Marion Walsh / Manager - Plato Dublin

Ruth worked with Plato Dublin on developing a Data Protection Policy and Procedures. She was exceptionally thorough with an excellent eye for detail – essential attributes for this area of work. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.